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Comments: Can I manually control Contact IDs?

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First published by:
Bob Mac Leod
on 18 May 2010
Last revision by:
Troy Wolbrink
on 24 Aug 2011
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Can I manually control Contact IDs?

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By: GregorySmith Posted on 30 Mar 2011 12:11 PM

We are lamenting the fact that the designation and staff RC are not the same number. This is especially confusing when the designation of one staff member is actually the RC of another staff.  We should have done something to make sure that would never happen.  It would be one thing if they only had to know one of them. However, they do need to know both. The RC is used for Reimbursements, Salary, and is often used as an ID number in other databases.  They also have to know their  designations for Donations.

We actually do retire the RC number when staff resign so we could not have matched the Designation to the RC. We could make the RC longer if we ran out of RC's.

At the very least we need something in the setup instruction to keep a designation of one staff from becoming the RC of another. How could do that be done? Setting Ranges? Adding a Letter Pre-fix?

So how do I deal with what I have?

Any ideas of how to deal with the problem of the designation of one staff member being the RC of another staff member?

Do you know of anyway the staff would only have to know either one number or the other?

Could we even now add a "D" as a pre-fix to the designation number so the staff recognize it as different number?

Greg Smith


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