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"Fiscal Period" Query (Optional)



"Fiscal Period" Query (Optional)

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The "Fiscal Period" query allows you to define the current fiscal period. This is needed if one or more of your source queries is designed to limit rescanning based on the open fiscal period.

Read More > Source Query

Read More > Rescan Method

Uncheck the Use Template check box to allow custom editing.

Press the <Edit> button.

Read More > Using the Query Designer

This query should only return one row. It must return a scan code that can be referred to by source scanners that are configured to rescan within the open fiscal period.

Read More > Scan Codes

Read More > Rescan Method


Note: The scan code returned does not necessarily need to refer to a fiscal period, per se. Scan codes are very versatile. They can be used to represent values of many different kinds. Be creative in the use of this feature when you need a scan code that can be queried dynamically from the source database. Using this query to determine the open fiscal period and configuring rescanning to be based on it is just the most obvious use of this feature.

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