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Financial Information



Financial Information

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Financial Information is the category you should implement to provide financial information to your staff. Currently, TntConnect will use this to display to your staff their account balance while they download donation information into TntConnect. In the future, web-based tools will provide for online income/expense reports. There are three data targets associated with financial information. If you choose to provide donation information the Financial Transactions data target is key. The GL Accounts data target is important if you want to ensure that the income/expense reports are categorized correctly. The Financial Accounts data target allows you to specify beginning balances.

Key concept: Account balance = beginning balance + sum of financial transactions.

Main Data Target

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Highly Recommended Data Target

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Optional Data Target

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Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Financial Information
on 6 Aug 2014 3:04 AM

"In the future, web-based tools will provide for online income/expense reports".  This can be edited to say "The most interactive way for staff to view this information will be in the Account Report at The Staff Portal.  Here's a demo:

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