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How can I reconnect the DonorHub Cloud Connector to QuickBooks Desktop?

How can I reconnect the DonorHub Cloud Connector to QuickBooks Desktop?

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Reconnecting the DonorHub Cloud Connector to QuickBooks Pro

Open QuickBooks and open the company file you’re wanting to reconnect.

Under the “Edit” menu, click “Preferences”.  In “Integrated Applications”, click “Company Preferences”.

Select “DonorHub Cloud Connector” and then click “Remove”, and then “OK”.


Keep QuickBooks running.  If it’s in your way, you can minimize it.

After logging in to your Staff Portal, enter the Control Panel and click Cloud Connectors.  You’ll see the two steps needed to install and link the Cloud Connector on your computer.


If you already have the Cloud Connector installed, it’s probably not necessary to click the first button.  But it’s never a bad idea if you want to be sure you’re on the latest version. 

Then, click the 2nd button to “Link your installed Cloud Connector”.  Choose to “Open” the download.  If your browser doesn’t give you this option, go to your Downloads folder in Windows Explorer and double-click on the file that just downloaded.

You should see this window appear, asking you to login to your Staff Portal again.

Check the box to authorize this computer as the source of QuickBooks data.  Then click “Approve”.

Be sure QuickBooks is already running and open to the appropriate Company file (*.QBW).

Click on “QuickBooks Pro - Donations” and then click “Edit Data Source”.

Click the “Connection String” button.

Then click “Use Current File”.  Make sure the file name looks correct, then click “OK”.

You will probably be prompted to approve DonorHub Cloud Connector. 

Click “Yes”, “Continue” and “Done”.


Click “OK” and then “Close” to save your changes.

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