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Video: Manage Increase Strategy using Saved Groups


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Video: Manage Increase Strategy using Saved Groups

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Manage an Increase Strategy using Saved Groups

One of the guiding design features of TntConnect back in the early days was walking the missionary through the support cycle with new contacts: Receive names, label them as "to call", schedule the appointment, go on the appointment, call back for decision, record decision. But when you already have your contacts labeled as PARTNER-Financial, you need to walk them through the same process again whenever you do an "Increase Strategy". Many people manage this on paper or in Excel because TntConnect does not offer this as a built-in feature.

However... you CAN manage this entirely in TntConnect by using Saved Groups! This video explains the strategy of using an "Increase Strategy" category and several saved groups that replicate the support cycle of calling, asking, deciding.

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