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TntConnect Pro

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TntConnect Pro is a feature that allows a TntConnect user to manage multiple designations from within one TntConnect database.

Turn on TntConnect Pro

Turn on TntConnect Pro in the Options | General tab.

Uses for TntConnect Pro

1.On the Gifts list, you can see the specific designation that a gift was given for. (Without TntConnect Pro, the Designation and Motivation Code columns is not displayed.) Note: The description (or 'name') of the designation is also displayed below; this is an option you can turn on in Tools | Options | Gifts, separate from turning on TntConnect Pro in Tools | Options | General.

Also, when the details in the Gifts list are too wide for the display area, in Tools | Options you can indicate that you want the Gifts box to automatically widen when the details are too wide for the Gifts box:

The option to turn on this feature: (Tools | Options | Gifts)

2.On the Contribution Report, you can select a specific designation for the report.

3.If TntConnect Pro is turned on, when you do a Lookup | By Giving, you will see Designation as one of the options in the lookup.

If you select a specific designation (or currency or motivation code), a checkbox will appear that says, "Only", which allows you to not only filter contacts who have given to that designation, but also to filter by contacts who have given ONLY to that designation:

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Comments on this Help Topic

Rk4nomads wrote re: TntConnect Pro
on 12 Dec 2016 6:28 PM

How do I add or edit Designations?

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: TntConnect Pro
on 16 Dec 2016 3:37 AM

TntConnect doesn't really have a way to edit Designations (other than editing the database directly in Access).  That's because it downloads them from the organization, so they are automatically added.

AmyJibilian wrote re: TntConnect Pro
on 5 Dec 2019 4:36 PM

After completing these steps, how can I get Designation ID and Designation Name to come up as extra fields available for contribution report runs?  

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: TntConnect Pro
on 6 Dec 2019 1:05 AM

The Contribution doesn't include a separate row for each donor/designation combination, although this would be nice.  Instead it gives you a filter dropdown list, so you can filter the report by one designation at a time.

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