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Manage Users, Logins & Passwords


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Manage Users, Logins & Passwords

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TntConnect offers multiple login names and some password security because TntConnect can be used in a multi-user way, either over a network (full multi-user) or via cloud storage such as Dropbox (partial multi-user).

Creating your first user

Enter your name. We recommend using a short name (that is, not your full name) because the user name will appear in the columns of task and history.

About users and passwords

TntConnect offers a "curious eyes" password. That is, it is not intended to create an encryption or "protect" the data in the database in a data-security sense. It is simply designed to block someone from opening the database, for example if you have walked away from your computer. You can turn this password on in the Tools | Options | General.
For better security, you should store your database on an encrypted drive. (Some organizations can also require that the ability to download gifts is only available to TNT databases that are stored on an encrypted drive.)
TntConnect does not record which user logged in, or when; the only user name record is on the tasks/history.

Manage Users

Press the Manage Users button to manage the users of your database. The Properties button allows you to edit their name.

Users can be husband and wife, or in a team environment, any team members that can share the database via Dropbox. A user must exist in order to have tasks/history associated with them. Because team members may leave the team--but you may not want their history altered--you can inactivate a user without deleting them. Or if you delete the user, you can either reassign the past items to a different user, or delete the user from the records (without deleting the actual history record).

Comments on this Help Topic

jonathanbaldwin wrote re: Manage Users, Logins & Passwords
on 25 Nov 2019 4:35 PM

Hey Troy is there a way to take off the require password? I have moved my database to an encrypted drive so it is no longer needed. Thanks so much for all you do. You're the BOMB! :-)

Troy Wolbrink wrote re: Manage Users, Logins & Passwords
on 27 Nov 2019 11:16 PM

Under the "Tools" menu, click on "Options".  There's a check box to Require a password..."

jkepler wrote re: Manage Users, Logins & Passwords
on 6 Oct 2020 3:45 PM

Hello @RKC78,

I have read-only access to my wife's and my TntConnect database. She runs it on MacOS, and we keep the database in a shared folder between our two computers using Syncthing ( I run Debian GNU/Linux with only libre software (so I can't run TntConnect on my machine), but I use mbtools (, which is a command-line only and read only program for accessing data in Microsoft Access JET DB format. This will work if one is a geek like me, unfortunately its not possible if you're not adept on a command line.

Having said that, I'm not sure if mbtools will continue to work with TntConnect V4, as it appears Troy changed the database format, and we just upgraded her Mac OS Catalina install of TntConnect to version 4 today. If I find another way to have read-only access to our data, I'll update it here.

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