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Reference Guide: Using Groups


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Saved Groups

Saved Groups are sets of contacts you have grouped together that you want to stay together. Members of these groups do not change except by you choosing to add or remove them. The value of a Saved Group is that it keeps a set of contacts together even if some of their attributes change.

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Features of saved groups

Individual contacts can be members of multiple groups or none at all.

You can compare a group to another group to see who is/is not a member of either one.

You can lookup all members of the group to assign tasks or history to all members.

Saved Groups can be categorized.

Groups can be more customized than a lookup. Since a Saved Group is just a list, contacts can be manually added or removed from it.

Makes this Saved Group into the Current Group, and shows you the Contact View.

Menu Path: Lookup | By Group

Saved Groups serving as User-defined Fields

Saved Groups serve much like User-defined fields, but they are more flexible because you can have an unlimited number of Saved Groups.

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Difference between Current Group and Saved Groups

Current Group

Saved Groups

Only one Current Group at a time.

Unlimited number of Saved Groups.

Current group is always current, whether you are in the Contact View, or some other view.

Only relevant when you are in the Groups View.

Can become a Saved Group by creating a new (empty) Saved Group, then adding all of the members of the Current Group.

Press the <Lookup this group> button.

This makes the Saved Group into the Current Group.

Deleting the Current Group removes the contacts from the database permanently.

Deleting a Saved Group simply removes the Saved Group from the list of groups, but has no impact on the contacts.

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