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Reference Guide: Managing Contacts


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Managing Contacts Overview

One of the most critical aspects of building relationships is knowing about the other person. The more you know about the person, and the more they know about you, the stronger your relationship. The strength of a relationship is a key component for a donor choosing to remain committed to your ministry.

TntMPD is a powerful tool for relationship-building. Let that power work for you!

TntMPD makes it easy to track lots of information about your team; maybe more than you’ll ever need! If you are just starting out as a missionary, you can use a “Get to know you sheet” for your new partners.

The Address Tab is where the primary personal data is stored. Other data can be edited by double-clicking inside any yellow box.

Six Ways to Add Contacts

Each of these methods has pros and cons. Method and best reason to use this method:

Menu Path: Contact | New Contact

Adding an individual contact.

Menu Path: Contact | Add Referrals

You have just received several new names from an existing contact, and have very limited information about these new contacts.

Menu Path: File | Import | Import Contacts from Text

To import an existing database you have saved as a text file. Best for first-time users who have been managing their contacts in another software.

Menu Path: File | Import | Import Contacts from Outlook

To import an existing contact list from Outlook. You may find it easier to export from Outlook to text first.

If you are manually entering a set of contacts from paper.

Automatic Download from your organization’s donor files.

Menu Path: File | Import | Address Input from Web

Menu Path: Tools | Address Input from Web

If your organization supports this method, this is a fast way to populate your database with those who have given financially. Note that the information your organization has on your ministry partners may not exactly match your list.


Default greetings help customize letters and envelopes. When a custom greeting is made, that text becomes bold.


No last name. Commonly used as the salutation in a letter.

Full Name

Includes titles if used in the contact information.

Short Name

First and last names, without titles.

If the contact is an organization (box checked), TntMPD will replace all of the name information with a single name box.

Personal Tab

Family Side and Family Level can help track relatives from your side or your spouse’s side of the family (if you are married).

One box for all information about Children.

You can select from all Churches in your database by clicking the down-arrow. This field can be helpful for doing future Lookups.

Birthday/Anniversary Year field can be two digits (47) or four digits (1947).

Read More > Birthday & Anniversary Report

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Notes Tab

The Notes tab is a simple text field. The top-most section of the Notes will always appear above the tabs, so put the very most important information at the top.

It may be helpful to date each note/entry so you can recall when you wrote it.

It may be more advantageous to keep notes in the Description field of history events instead of the Notes tab.

Read More > Notes Tab

Pictures Tab

You can view and manage pictures for a contact on the Pictures Tab.

Add a picture by putting your cursor in the unnamed box and right-clicking.

You can have multiple pictures for an individual contact.

Large pictures will automatically be reduced in size. You can control the size on

The picture will appear on the Contact view with the contact’s name and address.

You can have multiple pictures for a single contact, but only the most recent or left-most one will appear in the Address Bar.

All Pictures

You can view, but not manage, all of your pictures from the Tools menu.

Menu Path: Tools | All Pictures

User Tab

These fields allow you to customize your database for maximum effectiveness. All but Categories have drop-down lists so you can see your previous choices in these fields.

User field are limited in number and flexibility. Saved Groups offer similar flexibility but unlimited number.

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