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About Printing


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About Printing

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TntConnect does not have any print commands or print features. At first this may seem unusual because there is so much valuable information in TntConnect that you might want to print. There are three primary reasons why TntConnect does not have any print features:

1.Printing programming would add a significant layer of complexity which would undermine the simplicity and flexibility of the software.
2.The output options are unlimited. Between the various charts, tables, task and history lists, mail merges, etc., it would be difficult to create printing features that could meet the needs of even a portion of the users, never mind all of the users.
3.The various operating systems and printers available creates a third layer of complexity.

Because the data is so easily exportable to other file formats, particularly Excel, it is better to use the robust formatting and printing features of other software, and allow TntConnect to perform at what it does best.

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