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February 2, 2007

Press Release • 16 helpful, new TntMPD Features you may not have noticed.

In mid-2006, a greatly enhanced version of TntMPD was released. Since that time, a number of minor improvements have slipped in to the software. Most of these are little “niceties” that make using TntMPD even better. Some of these you may actually have thought of yourself… and so did someone else apparently! (Indeed, some of these came from the Suggestion box on the TntMPD web site.)

Here they are, in no particular order...

Email addresses

1.You can now enter the email address on the Add/Edit Contact box:

2.Email address is also one of the fields you can enter on the Add Referrals grid.

3.And speaking of the Add Referrals grid, now when you look up the referrals, you can also look up the Referrer at the same time:

4.Have you seen the new Lookup Everyone button on the button bar? It's a great way to get from any current group back to your whole contact list. And brand new... it is now a toggle switch. You can switch from Lookup Everyone to your previous lookup and back and forth and back and forth. Give it a try.

5.And speaking of Lookup Everyone, have you ever wanted to open TntMPD and have it open to your newsletter list, or your list of all partners, or some other group besides Everyone? Now you can! You can now choose from four different lookups. This is found in your Tools | Options box, on the User Interface tab.

Here are the four lookups you can choose from:


Same as always.

Relevant Contacts

A new lookup (also found on the Lookup menu) that is "almost everyone". It only excludes people whose MPD Phase is "Not Interested" and "Never Ask" [Disclaimer: It will even look up those if their Send Newsletter box is checked, or it's You.]

Newsletter List

Everyone for whom the Send Newsletter box is checked.

Current Lookup

Whatever your Current Lookup is, either a standard lookup or one you wrote yourself, etc. (Or, in plain English, the Lookup you used to make up the Current Group).

6.In case you didn't pick this up from the table above, there is a new Lookup available on the menu: Lookup | Relevant Contacts. This lookup is an "Almost Everyone" list, including:
You (or "Me" rather),
everyone for whom the Send Newsletter box is checked, and
all other contacts whose MPD Phase is not Not Interested or Never Ask.

And while we're in this Tools | Options | User Interface tab, there are a couple of other things you should know:

7.You can now choose to have a Referrer's Full Name used instead of the Short Name (the default) when adding referrers.

8.If you don't use the Windows Auto-Dialer, you can now turn it off so that you don't accidentally start it by clicking on a Contact's phone number.

9.Like to edit the description of a task before it's logged as history? You can force TntMPD to open the history of a completed task, so that you can modify the description. Some users like to edit a description every time they complete a task; others don't, so this offers an option.

10.Also on the incredibly useful User Interface tab are the labels for the four User fields.

There are countless ways that missionaries use the User fields to have extra info on their contacts. Note that with the addition of the Groups feature in version 2, the need or value of the User fields is diminished. In fact, you are better off using Saved Groups to categorize your contacts rather than forcing all of them to fit into one of four user-defined fields. There are two reasons for this:

There are no limits to the number of groups you can have, whereas there are only four user-defined fields (or six, if you include Categories and User Status).
It is easy for contacts to be members of multiple groups. (Sure, you could do that with a user field by separating the items with a comma, but hey, Groups are incredibly powerful and useful, and once you start using them, you'll begin to think of countless ways to build your own groups.)
11.Related to that, you've probably noticed that there in version 2 there are two fields displayed right under the Notes box on the Contact View. You can select from a list of 21 fields by right-clicking on the field name. Children field is a new addition to that list.

12.Here are a couple of little enhancements that can make a big difference for you...
(a) If you mark a contact as Deceased, their email address is automatically made "not valid". This should reduce the likelihood that you will accidentally email a deceased contact. Notice in the example below that even though Snow White's email address is checked as Preferred, TntMPD has labeled it as not valid due to the deceasement.

(b) On most fields on the MPD tab, you can check anywhere on the word and still check the check box. But to reduce the likelihood you will accidentally uncheck Send Newsletter--which could be disastrous--the "check zone" for Send Newsletter has been greatly reduced. Look at the picture below to see the difference between the check zone (red box) of Never Ask vs. Send Newsletter.

13.It's important not to balloon your TntMPD file with big pictures; indeed, all pictures should be 25kb or less. So if you try to load a large picture, TntMPD will alert you:

14.A recent improvement on the Analysis charts enables you to eliminate the "Misc" column, which can really skew a chart.

15.When you have a comment written on a preferred phone number (such as, whose phone it is), that comment will now appear on the line with the phone. Only the "Preferred" phone number appears in the Name & Address box. Without a comment, the phone type is displayed.

Without a Comment

With a Comment

Enter comments in the Phone box (from the Address Tab). The Preferred Phone also shows up at the top.

16.Don't like the sort order in which your contacts appear after a lookup? Change that by right-clicking in the contact list:

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