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The Region field is on the TNT Tab, and the Regions Tab is in the Options.

Menu Path: Tools | Options | Regions Tab

Read More > TNT Tab

Defining Regions

1.You can define a region as you work with individual contacts. As you add contacts, if you associate any of them with a region, TntConnect will automatically associate with that region all existing and new contacts who share that city and postal code.
2.You can also manually create or modify regions in the Tools | Options.

Associating a city, state/province, and/or postal code with a Region

In the Options dialog box, select the Region to which you want to add a city, state and/or postal code.
Press the Add City/State button.

Enter the city, state/province, and postal code. If you do not specify a postal code, all contacts in that city will be in the same region.

Dividing One City into Multiple Regions

A city/postal code combination can only be in one region. However, the same city and different postal code could be in a different region. In New York City, for example, you could have a region for Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, etc., all of which are addressed to “New York, NY”, but have different postal codes.

Region quick notes

If you use zip codes to define regions, you can choose how many digits to broaden that lookup. (For example, zip/postal code “starts with” 84; all communities whose zip codes start with 84 will be associated with that region.). This will also work with alpha zip codes (common in British Commonwealth countries).
A city/zip code combination can only be in one region. If you are working with a contact and change that contact’s region, all other contacts who live in that city will automatically be reassigned to the new region (after you confirm the region change).
If you add a new contact whose city & postal code matches an existing region, the new contact will automatically be assigned to that existing region.
If you try to add a city to a region and that city is already assigned to a different region, TntConnect will ask you if you want to change the region.

You cannot assign a contact to a Region if they do not have a city.
You can assign a city/state (with no postal code) to a region and assign that same city/state (with a specific postal code) to another region.
The Region field is intended to help you group multiple contacts from one city, or even one section of a city, to facilitate visits to those contacts.
Regions are created automatically as you add them to the region field.
Another option is to break them down by useful geographic areas that are relevant to you such as states or provinces.
A contact can only have one Region.
You can copy Regions from one TntConnect database to another by right-clicking inside the list of Regions and saving it to a file:

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