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It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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General Tab Options

Monthly support goal

Used for calculating your support progress on the Analysis View. You can also update this value by double-clicking on the words "Monthly Goal" in the Analysis View.

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First day of MPD week

Used to calculate your task activity as reported on the Analysis View. Has no bearing on your calendar in the Schedule view.

Organization Abbreviation

Your organization's abbreviation. Appears wherever “your organization” would appear. This abbreviation is automatic and is filled in when you connect to your organization.

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Organization Name

Defined when you connect to your organization and select it from the drop-down list

Automatically backup this database on exit

Of course you want to do this! Again, be sure to regularly back up your file to a CD or flash drive separate from your computer. If your hard drive crashes, having your TntMPD file and your backup file on the same drive will mean the loss of all your data.

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Appeals count toward pledge fulfillment

This is covered in detail in the Gifts chapter. In brief, TntMPD regards appeals from long-time-period donors (semi-annual or annual) as part of their pledge. Uncheck this box if you always want appeal totals to calculate separately from pledges.

Display extended information (TntMPD Pro)

If you are managing multiple ministry accounts with TntMPD, checking this box will expand the information shown on the gift display on the MPD Tab to include Motivation Code and Designation #.

Some organizations have multiple accounts for a single missionary. For example, a regular account for ongoing donations and a separate one for special gifts or projects. TntMPD Pro is especially helpful in this instance, when the same donor may support the missionary's different accounts.

Gifts display without TntMPD Pro checked on have three columns for date, amount, and appeal name.

Gifts display with TntMPD Pro checked on have two additional columns, Motivation Code and Designation.

Motivation Code

An internal code used by your ministry to identify what motivated a donor to give. A single designation there could be multiple motivations. For example, a fund-raising project could include a letter strategy, a phone strategy, and a banquet. A motivation code differentiates the donors from the three different types while still combining the gifts to one designation.


The account number the gift was posted to. Typically this is your own individual account number with your ministry. But since TntMPD can report on gifts to multiple accounts, this column identifies which designation each gift was posted to.

Require a password sign in to TntMPD

A basic security tool designed to prevent casual access to your TntMPD database. This password does not provide complete security (to the extent that other software like Windows or Microsoft Office products do)

Warn if someone else has the database open (Dropbox mode)

Some users now operate with their TntMPD database "in the cloud" -- that is, stored over the internet using a tool such as Since it is possible for two users (such as a husband or wife or two team members) to have the same database open, TntMPD offers this alert. This is helpful because two users cannot update the database at the same time in Dropbox. (The same database can be used by two or more users simultaneously on a network, but not in Dropbox because Dropbox locks the file and will overwrite the whole database when one user is finished.)

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