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You can define specific coding for any country. In general this is not necessary because TntMPD is automatically loaded with country specific information for more than 200 countries and territories. If you do make a change, you can restore the default by pressing the Restore Default button. (This button is grayed out if the default information is already showing.)

Making changes can be technically complex.

There are several different types of information that can be updated for any country.

Phone Codes

How TntMPD assigns phone numbers when dialing from your country to this country.

Postal Code Digits

Defines the postal code requirements for this country.

Greeting Format

How TntMPD creates default greetings for contacts in this country.

Full Name Format

How TntMPD creates Full Name formats for contacts in this country (also appears in Greetings).

Address Format

How TntMPD creates combines addresses to create the Mailing Address Block

Adding a new country

You can add a new country or territory by pressing the New button. Note: It is better to send this information to TntMPD support so that the information can be included for all users with a subsequent update.

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