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TNT Tab Overview

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An entire day’s presentation just on this tab. It has so many important fields that can be used in so many ways! Use F1 help to fully explore this page.

How is this tab is useful from an support development perspective? The TNT Tab is the tab that defines a contact’s relationship with your personal ministry by answering these questions:

What is their decision or commitment?
If they are a donor, how much? how often?
Do they get my newsletter?
Who gave me their name?
Are they alive or deceased?
What gifts have they given?

The TNT Tab is broken down into two sections

The top section contains several helpful fields, most of which are not related to each other
The bottom section is the list of gifts, and a graphical view of those gifts.

Because there is so much that could be covered, this session will only cover the most critical items to your current support development.

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