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Getting Help


It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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Getting Help

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Video: TntConnect Help

TntConnect is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. TntConnect has no active customer support center (such as a call-in help desk), but does offer the following Help tools:

TntConnect_Help user tools. The comprehensive user guide that you are reading is the best source of information and assistance.

Context-sensitive help. From any screen in TntConnect, you can press <F1> and be taken to the related help page in this guide.

TntConnect Help (F1)

Activates the Help menu. If you have downloaded it, you will access the one right on your computer. If you have not downloaded it but are connected to the Web, TntConnect will open the web version (which is exactly the same) from the TntConnect web site. If you have not downloaded it and not connected to the web, you will get an error.

Online User Guides

User Guides in multiple languages. As this Help software is translated, the online user guides will be incorporated into the Help tools.

Online Support Center

Check for Updates on the Web

Have TntConnect check to see if you are running the most current version and release.

Repair Installation

Restarts the Installation software used to install TntConnect. From here you can repair (reinstall) or remove TntConnect. Typically you would never need to do this.

View System Info

View information on your computer's processor and memory.

This box also contains, at the top, the exact location of your database.

Help | About

Tells you about the current TntConnect database (version number at the top and your database name at the very bottom).

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