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Deleting Gifts


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Times when you might want to manually delete a gift (among others):

1.It was a personal gift that you decided you did not want to include with the contact’s other gifts.

2.You manually entered a gift that was later processed through your organization’s donation system but then posted to your TntMPD as another gift (a duplicate gift).

Auto-delete gifts

When you manually add a gift before forwarding it to your organization, you receive the benefit of having TntMPD automatically create a Thank You task if one applies. If that gift is not processed within 30 days, TntMPD will alert you and attempt to delete the gift automatically.

This would indicate that either:

1.The gift was already processed and posted to your TntMPD but for a different amount. In this case, you should check the donor's gift list to see if the gift is there and why it was duplicated.

2.The gift was not processed and may have been lost or credited to the wrong missionary. In either case, you should follow up with your organization.

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