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Exercises Session 1: Introduction


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Exercises Session 1: Introduction

It is essential to keep up with the practical application because each segment builds on the previous ones. If you don’t complete an exercise, you will find yourself short in a subsequent session.

1.Create a new TntMPD database

Menu Path: File | New

Name your database "Training Class". Put it in My Documents or somewhere else where you can delete it when you are finished.

You are Bob & Helen Parr, 37 Maple St, Metropolis, MC, M580. Country: Monaco. (Entering the country here sets the default country for this database.)

When the Address/Gift Input option appears, just close the dialog box by hitting the X in the top right corner (or just press Esc).

2.Set your TntMPD Options
On the General Tab, set your monthly goal to $250

On the International tab, verify that your country is Monaco in both places.

On the User Interface Tab, change the "When clicking on a phone number" setting to "Do not automatically dial."

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