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Deleting Contacts


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Deleting Contacts

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This topic applies to deleting contacts whether it is from the Contact menu or the Group Actions menu.

Menu Path: Contact | Delete Contact

Menu Path: Group Actions | Delete all Contacts in the Current Group

Your TntConnect database is designed to retain all of the relationship information for all of your contacts, for all time. This may be a paradigm shift for many seasoned missionaries, who are used to maintaining a list that only contains current partners.

There are several reasons why it is helpful to retain information on contacts who were never interested in your team as well as for contacts who once were a part of your team but are no longer see list below.

Why to keep a contact who has a giving history, even if they are deceased

First, you never want to delete a contact who has a giving history because doing so would change the giving summaries TntConnect performs (such as Lifetime Gifts, etc.). This would apply even if the contact is deceased.
If a contact is a former giver but has since become disinterested in your ministry and no longer gives and no longer receives your newsletter, you want to keep this contact not only for the giving history, but also for the relationship record. They may at some point in the future gain a new interest in your ministry.

Why to keep a contact who was Not Interested in your ministry and has never given a gift

You may be referred to them again later, and you would want to view the history of your previous interaction.
When you are referred later, you may have additional information about them, such as their interests, church, family, etc., that you may want to review before calling.

When to delete contacts

They are a former prayer partner with no giving history and are deceased.
They are a duplicate contact.
They have married another contact and you have switched their account to a different contact. When you do this, TntConnect moves the giving history, but not the contact information or the tasks and history. If you want to move the history, you will have to do that manually by opening the tasks/history and cutting/pasting into the new contact.
You are leaving the ministry and are sharing part of your contact list with one or more other missionaries. You could export the contact information and the other missionary could upload it. Or, you could send all information about the contact, including tasks and history, by using TntSync.

TntConnect will confirm any delete contact actions

TntConnect will always ask for a confirmation when deleting a contact, to prevent accidental deletion.

Similarly, TntConnect will always ask for a confirmation when deleting a Current Group, to prevent accidental deletion.

With a group, however, TntConnect will also require you to further confirm by typing "DELETE" in all capital letters.

Before deleting a group, TntConnect will make an automatic backup copy. TntConnect will also write the comment that the backup was due to deleting contacts from the current group.

Comments on this Help Topic

ivanbucher wrote re: Deleting Contacts
on 28 Nov 2011 10:02 PM

I have nearly 300 duplicate contacts from an import I did that ran incorrectly. How can I batch delete these extras? Going through one at a time will take hours.



Bob Mac Leod wrote re: Deleting Contacts
on 28 Nov 2011 11:41 PM

Hi, Ivan. This type of question is best sent to the forum where many users will see your question and answer it. These comments are for making comments on the Help topic itself.

Here is the link for the forum:

But just to answer your question and for future users: If both sets of contacts are exactly the same (that is, it does not matter which one you delete), then use a Lookup | By List and you will see all of the contacts in the group. Just check the ones you want to delete. When you press OK, those will all be in one group. Then select Group Actions | Delete all contacts in the Current Group.

Janet Wohlgemut wrote re: Deleting Contacts
on 5 Dec 2013 11:31 PM

I went to the forum and got sent back here when I searched for delete.  I imported my Outlook contacts, which I never should have done.  Now I have dozens, if not hundreds of dumb addresses I don't want in TNT (telephone numbers only, doctors, etc. etc.  Is there ANY way to delete more than one at a time.  Or go back to my former database?  That would be even better.

Thanks!  Janet

Janet Wohlgemut wrote re: Deleting Contacts
on 5 Dec 2013 11:34 PM

Ah...I just restored it to the last database and it's good again.  Thanks anyway!  :)

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