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Copying your Database


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Copying your Database

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How to copy a TntConnect database to a new location

When using TntSync for the first time or just making an external backup of your database, you have to copy the whole database from one location to another. Since TntConnect does not have a "Save As" command, you need to use Windows Explorer to copy the file.

More details on the TntConnect web site

Tutorial: How to copy a TntConnect database to a new location

1.Find the location of your TntConnect database

If you do not know the location of your database, open TntConnect and press F8. Your filename will appear at the top of your System Information.

2.Open Windows Explorer using one of these three methods.


Press the Windows+E keys.


Menu Path: Start | Run

Type "explorer"


Menu Path: Start | All Programs | Accessories | Windows Explorer

3.Locate your TntConnect database

4.Click once to grab it, and drag it to your external drive. Notice that the cursor arrow has a "+" symbol next to it. This indicates that Windows Explorer is copying the file. If you try this with a different folder on your hard drive, Windows Explorer will not show the "+" sign, and the file will simply move instead of copy. Windows Explorer always assumes you want to move the file when you drag it within the same drive, and copy the file when you drag it to an external drive.

5.Your file is now on your external drive, ready for you to use with TntSync, or just to keep as a backup.

Additional information and ideas:

If you know how to copy a file to another computer, you can easily transfer your TntConnect database to another computer. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.First of all, make sure that TntConnect is installed on the target computer. It's best to install the latest version from the TntConnect website.
2.Copy your TntConnect database file (it's a file that ends with .mpddb) to your other computer. (Where is my database file?) Here are a few ideas of how you can do this:
Use a service like Dropbox
Email the file (as an attachment) to yourself. (Check with your ISP on size limits of your email.)
Copy the file onto a floppy disk (If the file is too large for a single disk, you can use WinZip to span the file across multiple floppies.)
Copy the file onto a Zip Drive, Jazz drive, CD-ROM, USB Drive, etc.
Copy the file onto a memory stick, compact flash memory card, etc.
Copy the file onto an external hard drive or a network drive.
Copy the file directly to another computer by establishing a peer-to-peer network two computers using Ethernet, USB or Parallel ports.
3.Once you've copied your database file onto the other computer, move it to a folder where you keep your normal documents (such as "My Documents"). Then just double-click on it, and it will open up in TntConnect! (HINT: If you copied the file from a CD-ROM, be sure to right-click on the file, click on "Properties" and turn off "Read Only".)

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