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Review the results of your appeal.

1.Once an appeal is created, you can view the activity (tasks completed related to the appeal) and results (gifts received in response to the appeal).

2.Select Appeal Tracking from the menu.

Menu Path: Tools | Appeal Tracking

3.You will now see your appeal. Double-click to view the associated tasks or gifts, and you can toggle between the two with tabs.

4.Select the Gifts Tab to see the related gifts.

Viewing Appeal information in Excel

The Appeal Tracking box has a button that performs two different functions depending on what you are doing at the moment. If you have not double-clicked on any appeals (that is, the History and Gifts tabs at the bottom are still blank).

No appeals selected

Export the list of appeals and the summary results to Microsoft Excel

Appeal double-clicked, History tab showing.

Export a list of all appeal recipients.

Appeal double-clicked, Gifts tab showing.

Export a list of all gifts given in response to the appeal.

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