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Teaching Outline-Condensed



Teaching Outline-Condensed

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DonorWise training curriculum

Conceptual overview

1.Accounting Features




5.Security (username / password)

Software Introduction

1.DonorWise interface

Accounting setup

1.Defining assessments

2.Setting up GL and RC codes

3.Managing currencies

4.Managing payment types

5.Managing periods and closing

Contact Management



3.Other Contact Features


b.Phone numbers

c.Email addresses

4.Non-donors & organizations

5.CCC ministries/departments as contacts


a.Ministry Tree

7.Finding contacts (using Search and Lookups)

8.Redirecting donors & designations

a.Marrying staff

b.Deceasing staff

c.Marrying donors

d.Deceasing donors

9.Managing Groups

Processing Donations

1.Donation batches

2.Entering donations

3.Importing donations (bank imports)

4.Approving batches

5.Posting Batches

6.Resolving unconfirmed / error batches

7.Donation history

8.Reversing / correcting

DonorWise reports

1.Running reports


Curricula de Capacitación para el DonorWise

Vista General de Conceptos


1. Accounting Features (Características de Contabilidad)

2. Contacts (Contactos)

3. Donations (donativos)

4. Reporting (Realizando informes)

5. Security (username / password) (Seguridad, nombre del usuario/password)

Introduccion del Software

1. DonorWise interface (Interfaz del DonorWise)


Accounting setup

(Configuración de la Contabilidad)

1. Defining assessments (Definiendo valorizaciones)

2. Setting up GL and RC codes (Configurando los códigos del Libro Mayor y Centros de Responsabilidad)

3. Managing currencies (Administrando las monedas)

4. Managing payment types (Administrando los tipos de pagos)

5. Managing periods and closing (Administrando los periodos y cerrando)

Contact Management

Administración de Contactos

1. Contacts (Contactos)

2. Duplicates (Duplicados)

3. Other Contact Features (Otras características de contactos)

a. Greetings (Saludos)

b. Phone numbers (Números de teléfono)

c. Email addresses (Direcciones de correos electrónicos)

4. Non-donors & organizations (No donantes & organizaciones)

5. CCC ministries/departments as contacts (ministerios CCC/departamentos como contactos)

6. Designations (Designaciones)

a. Ministry Tree (Arbol del Ministerio)

7. Finding contacts (using Search and Lookups) (Encontrando contactos usando Search y Lookup

8. Redirecting donors & designations (Redigirigendo a los donantes & y a las designaciones)

a. Marrying staff  (coordinador que se casa)

b. Deceasing staff (coordinador que fallece)

c. Marrying donors (donantes que se casan)

d. Deceasing donors (donantes fallecidos)

9. Managing Groups (Administrando grupos)

Procesando donativos

1. Donation batches (Registro de donativo)

2. Entering donations (Ingresando donativos)

3. Importing donations (bank imports) (Importando donativos de bancos)

4. Approving batches (Aprobando los registro)

5. Posting Batches (Colocando los Registro)

6. Resolving unconfirmed / error batches (Resolviendo registro no confirmados/registro con error)

7. Donation history (Historial de donativos)

8. Reversing / correcting (Revirtiendo/ corrigiendo)

Informes del DonorWise

1. Poniendo en marcha los informes

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