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Adding Contacts



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Adding Contacts

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Adding Contacts

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Adding/Editing a Contact


Introduce the basic contact management features of DonorWise.



This tutorial explains the contact features by using a tutorial to add a new contact. Your ministry should have a standard format for entering names and addresses.

This topic is available on video!

View > Video: Adding a New Contact

Adding/Editing a Contact

1.Select the <View Contacts> link.

2.Press the desired button at the top of the screen.

Other ways to Add or Edit contacts

Adding Contacts

1.Press the <New Contact> button.

2.Press the <New Contact> link.

This link is found on the Name & Address Bar.

3.Press the <New> button.

This button is in the New Contact screen, making it possible for you to add multiple new contacts without having to return to the main screens.

4.Select from the menu.

Menu Path: Contact | New Contact

5.When entering a donation, you can add a new contact on the batch entry screen, or by pressing F6. Note: Because you cannot know if a donor is truly a new donor to your ministry, it is best to Search (F3) for a new contact before attempting to add the new contact.

6.Press the <New Contact> button.

This button is found in the Search Contacts box when searching for a contact to associate with a donation.

7.Import contacts from a text file.

Read More > Import Contacts

Editing contacts

1.Click on the name in the Name & Address bar.

2.Double-click on the address in the Name & Address bar.

3.Press the <Edit Contact> button.

4.Double-click in the yellow box on the Address Tab.

5.Press the <Edit> button.

Any of these items will bring up the Contact box.

3.If the contact is an Organization, check the Organization box. When you do this, all of the personal name boxes will disappear, and only the Organization Name box will remain. When the contact is an organization, the default address and phone are Business instead of Home.

Organization Contacts

Organizations of many different types may be in the Contact list.

Types of organizations:

Your own ministry (the "Me" contact)

Departments or ministries within your ministry (as designations receiving donations or locations that receive reports)

International offices of your ministry

Churches or businesses that support your ministry

The software defines organizations information differently from individuals (people contacts), and it is important to understand these subtle differences.

How organization contacts are different from people contacts

On the New Contact screen, the name fields are replaced with just an Organization Name field. The <Organization> check box is checked.

If personal name information is entered before the <Organization> check box is checked, that personal information will be deleted once you save the contact.

Preferred Address defaults to Business instead of Home. (Note: If the contact was saved with personal information, the default address will remain as Home.)

Personal Info Tab

Two fields change depending on the contact type. For an individual they are Gender and Marital Status. For an organization they are Org Type (a free-form entry field) and Contact Person.

Designation Lookup

The Organization checkbox (true/false) is also used when looking up designations as that defines whether a designation is a Staff or Non-staff. Staff members are "People" (that is, not organizations). Non-staff contacts/designations [ministries] must be Organizations.

Menu Path: Lookup | Designation | All Designations

4.Enter the Name information.

Your ministry should have a standard for how names and addresses are entered.

If the contact is a single person (whether they are married or not), enter all of their information in the first column of boxes.

If they are married, put the husband's name in the first column and the wife's name in the second column. (Although the software will work either way, as a best practice it is better to be consistent with names in the database.)

If the wife has a different last name, uncheck the "Same Last Name" box and a last name box will appear for her.

Title can be a common title such as "Mr." "Mrs." (or one relevant to the language/culture) as well as honorary titles such as Pastor, Rev., Dr., or a military rank such as CAPT, GEN., etc.

Suffix can be a name or a title. For example, it could be Jr, Sr, II, III, , or it could be a title such as Ph.D., JD, or a military designation. etc.

5.Enter the address, phone, and email

The default address and phone are for the Home, but you can also choose Business or Other. If the contact is an organization, the default address is Business.

Although the box says "Phone", it actually is a specific phone number, such as Home Phone, Business Phone, or Other Phone.

Read More > Phone Numbers

Enter an email address, if known.

Read More > Email Addresses

6.Press the <OK> button.

Editing an individual entry in the address or phone

Double-click in any of the six boxes to edit just that item.

Other Name/Address Options

These two buttons allow for customization of individual names or addresses as they would appear on envelopes or in letters. In general you should not need to customize either greetings or mailing addresses.

Update the Greetings if you want to manually create a greeting for this contact.

Read More > Greetings

Update the Address Block if you need a unique address by pressing the button (this would be very rare). One example of when you may want to do this is if you want to include special information in the mailing address block.

Read More >  Address Block

Tip: You can change the default entry order of either the name and/or the address on the options menu.

Read More > Contact Tab


Bob Parr returns from a Fall outreach on the university. The following signed up for Bible studies and he wants their names in DonorWise.

Woody Cowboy, 23 Toy Story Place, 98101 Monte Carlo, Phone: 9401 2330

Slinky Dog, 25 Toy Story Place, 98101 Monte Carlo, Phone: 9401 2332

Mr. Potato Head, 26 Toy Story Place, 98101 Monte Carlo, Phone: 9401 2333


He also indicates that he is setting up an evangelistic outreach in his city, and wants the following churches added so they can receive materials.

ToonTown Gospel Church, 108 Blvd de Suisse, 98101 Monte-Carlo, Phone: 9404 4413

Mediterranean Fellowship, 28 Blvd Rainier III, 98101 Monte-Carlo, Phone: 9402 9843

Formula 1 Fellowship, 14 Rue Grimaldi, 98101 Monte-Carlo, Phone: 9402 5474

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