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Staff Member Project Funds



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Staff Member Project Funds

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Staff Members with Project Accounts

In this set of exercises, the following assumptions are used:

The ministry maintains separate project funds for staff member projects.

The project funds have a separate responsibility centre.

The project funds do not have an assessment charged.

1.Create a new responsibility centre for Peter Parker's project fund (use RC number 1204 to match his 1104 staff account RC)

2.Add a new contact for "Parker, Peter-Project Fund"

3.Make "Parker, Peter-Project Fund" a designation

Select the project RC.

Select the "None" assessment scheme.

4.Process some donations for Peter Parker


Project Funds


Use the current Open period


Use today's date

Payment Type

Use "CASH"


200 €

(Euros are the default currency in the sample database)

Peter Parker brings in two donations: Wile Coyote donates 100 € for Peter Parker's staff account. Prince Charming donates 100 € also, but he wants it split evenly between the staff account and project funds for Peter Parker's car need.

5.Mark the batch complete

6.Approve the batch

7.Go to the Post Batches screen and post the batch. Then review the journal.

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