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Session 11: Groups



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Understand similarities and differences between Groups and Lookups.


Some information systems use custom fields to match contacts who have similar criteria. DonorWise  has some user-defined fields, but offers a more powerful feature called Groups which allows a ministry to have unlimited user defined fields.

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Lookups vs Groups


Groups allow a ministry to have an unlimited number of combinations.

Groups differ from Lookups in that they are designed to group together those contacts who have dissimilar criteria. If a group of contacts all share a certain criteria (such as all from a certain city, all donors who have given a certain amount, etc.), then it is not necessary to combine them in Groups: a Lookup will perform that feature on demand. More importantly, a Lookup will identify all contacts who meet the criteria at the moment the lookup is run.

A Group, on the other hand, is fixed in time. For example, if a group was made entirely of contacts with a postal code 4431, then that group would be incomplete when another contact with that postal code was added to the database.


1.Create a new Group for people who have attended a recent student conference.
2.Add the following contacts to this group:

Thorpe, Edward & Betty

Knightley, John

Musgrove, Henrietta

Vader, Darth

Schmitz, Anna

Woodhouse, Emma

Lucas, Charlotte

Castro, Minerva

Garcia, Hector

Vazquez, Gloria

Smith, Harriet

Renaud, Nicolas & Catherine

Elton, Philip, Augusta

Gonzalez, Angel & Celeste

3.Send a mailing to all donors in the Metropolis area who have given $1000 or more in the past year. Record them in a Group so your ministry can follow-them up with phone calls.

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