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Session 9: TntMPD Contacts



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Explain the similarities and differences between the contact management features of DonorWise and TntMPD.


DonorWise and TntMPD share much common programming and work in similar way.

The common name and address information is exactly the same. However, TntMPD allows staff members to maintain extensive personal information on their contacts, including birthdays and anniversaries, children information, profession, church, hobby, pictures, and more.

Reference Material

TntMPD Reference Guide on Contacts


A staff member can have an address for a donor that differs from their ministry's address for the same donor. Sometimes this difference is due simply to being entered differently. At other times it may be because the staff member has a personal address for the donor, while the donor uses a mailing or business address for their donations.

While a staff member's TntMPD database will have all of that staff member's donors as contacts, their database could have many times that many contacts. These may be individuals who pray for the staff member but do not donate financially. It could include individuals the staff member is cultivating to become donors. And it may include former donors who no longer give, or are even deceased.

Finally, very unlike DonorWise, a staff member can track relationship activity with a contact using TntMPD. They can track (both sent and received) phone calls, letters, emails, etc.



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