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Session 3: TntMPD Overview



TntWare + QuickBooks

Connect with other ministries that use QuickBooks along with TntWare products such as DonorWise, DonorHub or TntConnect.

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It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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Introduce TntMPD and TntMPD.DataServer


TntMPD is a contact manager for missionaries. Using TntMPD enables missionaries to maintain extensive contact information for their ministry partners--donors and other interested people, businesses, and organizations.

Missionaries can use TntMPD independently of their ministry. But for ministries that use DonorWise, TntMPD can connect to that system and download donations on a regular basis.

The bridge between DonorWise and TntMPD is called TntMPD.DataServer .

Although you may not be raising your own support for your role, it will be helpful for you to be acquainted with TntMPD so that you can understand what staff members are talking about when they mention TntMPD. It will also be helpful for you to understand the information flow from DonorWise to TntMPD, so that you can see how your work in DonorWise affects what the staff member sees in TntMPD.

At various points during the training sessions you will open a copy of TntMPD on your computer and use it like a staff member who raises their own support would. You will see how TntMPD is similar to DonorWise and how it is different.

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Reference Guide: TntMPD Overview



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