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Session 15: Donation Entry



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Learn the specifics of entering a donation.


Donations are anything a contact contributes to the ministry to further the work of the ministry. Several items are required to successfully process a donation, specifically the name of the donor, the designation(s) the donation will be credited to.

Reference Material

Entering a Donation

Common Donation Issues

Anonymous Donations

Other Receipts


DonorWise asks several questions about a contribution. The donation entry lines have boxes for each of these items. Some are required.

Who gave the gift?
How much is being given (currency and amount)?
What is being given? (cash, cheque, bank transfer, or non-cash gift)
Who is the donation designated for?
How much of the total donation is for each designation?

DonorWise can process all incoming receipts into your ministry, not just donations. There are several reasons for this, but two key ones are:

By processing all incoming receipts, DonorWise helps protect the integrity of funds entering your organization.
Practically, donations may be combined with other receipts. For example, a check may include both funds from a material sale and an additional amount as a donation.


1. Enter donations for the following staff member: 12624 George Knightley

Marguerite Cote, $50

Charlotte Menard, $200

Tim & Anna Becker, $400

Enrique Gomez, $100

Jean Francois Fournier, $600 ($300 for Knightley; $300 for Charles Bingley)

Emma Woodhouse, $100

Shun & Misaki Sato, $50

Mary Bennet, $50


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