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Why backup your database

1.To transport your database from a DonorWise training to your national office so you can put your database on your national office server.
2.To transport the database to a different server.
3.As a routine data protection practice.

When should you perform a backup?

Making a backup from within DonorWise is the easiest way to make a backup. You can make a backup anytime – even weekly.

These instructions are how to make and restore a DonorWise database from a backup file to the same server or to a different server. The server is an SQL database server.


1.DonorWise must be installed on the computer or server.
2.The user that will be on the new server must already be in the DonorWise database before it is backed up. In other words, you cannot create a new user at the time you restore the backup. Create the user that you want to be on the new server in the DonorWise database before you make the backup.
3.If the database is being moved to a different server, all of the users other than the one that is used to restore the database will need to be set up again. Get a screen shot of the Manage users screen to aid in this process. (This is almost the same as the second to last paragraph in this document)

Creating a user in DonorWise

In order to create a user in DonorWise, you must already be in the ‘security admin’ role in DonorWise. If so, the ‘Manage users’ screen will be available.

1.Click on the icon that looks like a person’s profile.

2.Enter the user name and full name of the user. Then click OK.

The password will be the default password, the user name two times, all lower case letters. In the example above, the User name is "Mickey" and the password is "mickeymickey".

3.Add this person to the ‘security admin’ role if you want to use this person to restore to the new server.

Making a Backup

1.Select Tools | Backup Database As...
2.Select the file location and name. The default name is the database name +.bak
3.Press Save.

Backup Security

A backup is only as safe as the media it is stored on. Do not use your own computer as the permanent storage for backups: If your hard drive fails or the computer is stolen, the backup is worthless.

For the best security, back up to a transferable media such as a CD, noting the file name and date. Store the CD in a safe place. You should also store backup CDs, or copies of them, off-site from your location in the event they too are stolen, or the office is destroyed by fire or some other disaster.

Restoring a backup

1.Open DonorWise. Although DonorWise prompts you to login to a database, you need to click ‘Cancel’ at this log in screen. DonorWise will open but not be connected to any database.
2.Select File | New Database. Fill in the appropriate information on the “New DonorWise Database” dialog box.

Server Name

The default it probably correct. Usually your server name is the name of your “Computer name + \SQLEXPRESS”. If you have Solomon you may have more than on SQL Server in the pick list. You need to know which server to restore to. For DonorWise this is often the \SQLEXPRESS server.

Login Name

Use “sa” as the login


Use your “sa” password.

3.Check the box “Restore from backup file” and the Browse button will appear. Browse for and select the backup file (it will end in .bak).
4.Click Next.
5.DonorWise will check to make sure your “sa” login is valid and begin the restore process.
6.Enter the user name that already exists in the database (that is being restored) and is the user that is in the ‘security admin’ role.
7.Enter the password for this user that you want them use on the new server. Re-enter this password.
8.Enter the name of the new, restored database.

If you are restoring this backup to your server where this database was not installed previously, you can use the same name. For example, if your backup file name is ‘DW_Mexico.bak’, you can enter the name ‘DW_Mexico’ as its database name on the new server.
If you are restoring an existing database on the server, you cannot overwrite the existing database. To keep the same name (which is advised), you need to delete the old database off the server. This will need to be done using the SQL Server Management studio.
9.Click OK.
10.DonorWise will complete the restore process and open the database.

Backup notes

If you receive an error message. It may be that the database being restored was previously integrated with Solomon. If so, there will be an alert that the database cannot connect with the General ledger. Click Cancel. Then go to Tools | Integrated General Ledger Options, click the ‘Configure’ button and re-integrate with Solomon by choosing the correct server and the correct ‘sa’ password.

If the database was moved from a different server, all of the users other than the one that was used to restore the database, will need to be set up again. Go to ‘Manage users’ screen and add all of the users and assign them to their roles.
For DonorWise databases, please create two users called ‘IFM’ and one called ‘AFM’ and add them to the security admin role in DonorWise.


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