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DonorWise & TntMPD.DataServer Implementation

The purpose of this questionnaire

Enable you and/or IFM to pre-configure your DonorWise database to the fullest extent possible
Ensure your ministry has the appropriate hardware configuration for the installation
Help adapt your business processes to DonorWise

Implementation Questionnaire


Please describe the server and server operating system you will be using for DonorWise (processor type, speed, RAM memory, total hard drive space and available space etc.)

Please be as detailed and specific as you can.

How do you backup this server (CD, tape, offsite, web, etc.)

Is this server connected to the Internet?

What are the web capabilities of this server? For example, can it support TntMPD.DataServer?

Please describe any other uses for this server (for example, General ledger, payroll, network hosting, etc.).

How many people have access to this server?

Do users of this server have unique User IDs and passwords that only they know?

General Ledger Information

What is the name and version of your General Ledger?

For example, Solomon 6.0.

Please send us an exported file of your Chart of Accounts and Responsibility Centres.

Contact Information

Which of the following types of contacts are currently stored in your contact database


For these types of contacts, do you currently have this information in a database?


Yes / No

Database name

Database type

(Excel, Access, SQL, etc.)




Non-staff, non-donors who receive ministry information

Staff members who receive donations

Ministry projects that receive donations

Ministry staff who do not receive donations (e.g., supervisors or other leaders)

Data Entry

Please describe the process you use to process donations

Entering new donors

Entering gifts

Splitting gifts among multiple designations

Do you process any gifts where a portion of the proceeds are not gifts (for example, resource sales combined with gifts)?

Receiving Gifts

Describe all of the means in which you receive gifts, and an approximate quantity you receive each month

Identify any issues, concerns, or obstacles you have regarding this donation method

EFT initiated from bank

Please include a sample for each bank file. This is essential for testing the bank import feature.


EFT initiated from CCC to bank (Debit request)

Please include a sample for each bank file. This is essential for testing the bank import feature.


Please describe how you make adjustments to the above transactions.


Paper cheques




Postal/Money Orders


Do you create provisional receipts (for cash gifts)?


Do staff members receive gifts directly from donors (especially cash)?


Historical Batches

Please describe all of the fields in your current donation database that you want to import into DonorWise

(Can be done on a separate sheet; also, include a sample page of the output from your current system, such as a text file.)


Bank Information

Please identify all banks with whom you have a banking relationship related to donations.


What information must be included on a receipt?


Donor ID, donor name and address, Designation #s, Motivation Codes, text


Is there information on the receipt that is NOT necessary?


What would an improved receipt look like?

Please include a sample of a desired receipt, even if it is hand-written.



Identify all reports you currently produce that you desire to continue producing. Please send a sample, if possible.

Identify all reports you currently DO NOT produce, but would like to, including reports your ministry leadership may have requested.

Please send a sample, if possible.

Ministry Tree

Do you have an organization tree of your ministry that clearly identifies all ministries, departments, and staff members? If so, please describe how it is maintained.

Attach sample if available.


What types of mailings are produced by your current system (for example, fund appeals, mid-year giving reports, thank you letters)

What software do you use to produce the mailings (for example, Microsoft Word)

How do you perform mail merges using contact information from your database?

For example, do you export the contact list to a text file, then use Excel or Access to prepare it for mail merge?

How do you compile the groups that make up the mail merge?


Are there mailings that your ministry leadership would like your system to produce? (Describe)

Other Information

Is there any information that you track that you think DonorWise does not?

Do you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed at this point?


As requested above, please send us the following items electronically:

Our preferred format is Microsoft Excel or a text file (either .txt or .csv).

1.An export of your Chart of Accounts and Responsibility Centres from your General Ledger.
2.Recent copies of the files you receive from the bank for gift input.
3.Any files you send to the bank initiating bank transactions.
4.Your entire contact list that you want to import into DonorWise, if any.
5.A listing of one month of contributions from your current contribution system, if any.
6.A copy of your ministry tree (ministry hierarchy), if you have one.
7.Any example reports your current system produces
8.A copy of a donation receipt (scanned image or PDF export)

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