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DonorWise Evaluation Worksheet

The DonorWise Evaluation Worksheet is designed to help both you and IFM’s DonorWise team. It helps you by giving you a better understanding of your own systems and processes. It helps IFM evaluate your current system and better answer your questions about how DonorWise meets your needs.

You may not know all of these answers. Feel free to skip any question for which you do not know the answer; we can come back to them later.

For the purposes of this evaluation, please consider both the Contact Management features (how names and addresses are stored and used) as well as Donation Processing.

When returning this to us, please include the following (electronic versions):

1.A copy of the receipts you send to donors
2.Any bank files that you send or receive from the bank (or multiple banks) to initiate fund transfers for donations. If you use a bank statement to provide the information you use in your system, send a copy of that.
3.Export files of your donation database and/or contact database. These could include donation batches, transaction files, and contact tables.

Contact Information

Country: _________







Person who runs your general ledger



Person who runs your donation system



Financial manager



Database administrator



Network administrator



What time zone are you in?

System Questions

Current Donation Processing & Contact Management System(s)

What is the name of your accounting/general ledger system? What database does it use?


What is the name of your donation-processing system? What database does it use?

This may be the same as your accounting system.

What is the name of your contact management system? What database does it use?

This may be the same as one of the above.

Is there any duplication in your system (for example, do you have to enter names or donations twice—once in one system and once in another, or twice in the same system)?


What does your current system do that you like or find helpful? What does it do well?


What does your current system do that you wish it did not? Or what does it do that you find cumbersome or have to “work around”?


Languages. What language(s) are your systems in?


Custom fields. What custom fields do you have that you might want in your new system?


Non-donation information. What other information do you track in your donation system or contact manager?

Such as:
• Conference attendance
• students
• alumni

Financial Flow

Volume. What is the normal monthly volume (quantity) of donations you receive?

Bank  transfer: __________

Credit card: __________

Cheque: __________

Cash: __________

Non-cash gifts: __________

If you receive non-cash gifts, please describe them, and how you account for them.

Bank transfers. How do you initiate and/or receive bank information?

Please include an electronic copy of any bank files you send or receive.

Cash to staff members. Do your staff members receive contributions directly from donors? If so, how do they report them to your office?


Currency. What currency do you normally receive donations in? Do you process donations in other currencies (if so, list them)?


Legal Issues

Compliance. What specific compliance or governmental rules do you comply with?

Such as:
• Receipting requirements
• Tax-deductibility for donors
• Reporting requirements
• Audit requirements


Technical Requirements

Users. How many users do you have in your current donation system? How many people have access to the system, and how many actually use it on a regular basis?


Security. What are your security and password concerns?


Technical support. How many I.T. (Information Technology) staff do you have?


Network. Are your systems hosted on a network?


Remote access. Does anyone access your systems remotely?



Reporting. What are some of your reporting requirements …

For leadership


For government


For staff members


For donors / major donors


Please send us copies of any reports you currently use that you want DonorWise to produce.

Receipts. How often do you print receipts? What software do you use?


Contact Management

How do you currently store contact information?

Such as:
• In a separate contact manager.
• In the donation system.
• In the general ledger.

Staff. Do you store donor information separately from staff information?


Non-staff. Do you store staff information separately from non-staff designations?


Sharing. Who uses your contact information?

Such as:
• Donation processing only
• Human resources
• Fund development

General ledger Integration

Integration. How does your donation processing system integrate with your general ledger?

N/A – they are the same system
Seamlessly, automatically, electronically (daily/weekly, etc.)
Manually, via a periodical file transfer (daily/weekly/monthly/annually)
Not integrated; some information is manually entered (e.g., batches)

Reporting Staff Information

Staff reports. How do you currently communicate donation information to staff members?

Such as:
• Printed, mailed report
• Staff access information online
• TntMPD

TntMPD. How many (if known) of your staff members use TntMPD to track their donation information?


Other items

Does your system have any kind of Internet access or web capabilities?


Do staff members access your systems?


Expectations. What do you expect or hope of DonorWise?



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