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Connect with other ministries that use QuickBooks along with TntWare products such as DonorWise, DonorHub or TntConnect.

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It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

About TntWare


The DonorWise workspace opens to a blank workspace, with the Screens Pane on the left. The only options displayed on the Screens Pane are those available to the user who logged in (according to their security settings). In this example, all functions are shown.

Things to note about the DonorWise interface

When a particular activity has pending tasks, the number of tasks will appear in parenthesis following the item. In the picture above the Post Batches has 2 batches that need to be posted.
The status bar along the bottom tells four things:
The name of the server (HART-IFM-MACL-L...)
The name of the database (Mex-Don for "Mexico Donations")
The username of the user who is logged in (AlexA)
An update message. In this example it is showing that a new version of DonorWise is available for download. It may also say "Press F1 anytime for context-sensitive help!".

DonorWise Menu Options

The menus and their contents will vary from user to user, and depending on what screen they are working in.


Manage DonorWise database


Common Windows edit tools such as cut, copy, paste. Also, editing items that vary depending on the screen you are on.


Tasks generally performed only by the person who maintains the DonorWise database.


The filing cabinet for reports. Another way of looking at them is the Reports link on the Screens Pane.


Where you can manage what you see in the DonorWise workspace. Although you may not realize it, as you move through the screens, DonorWise may leave previous screens open. You can access them by selecting the Window menu.


Common Help screen items, such as access to the On-line Help, checking for DonorWise updates, and the About box

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