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The Lookup Menu offers a variety of pre-written lookups. Several of them are the same lookup, just in different places. This menu is also available directly from the Lookup Contacts dialog box:

Menu Item



Add current lookup to favorites

Adds the current lookup to your favorites.

Edit Lookup Favorites

Allows you to edit the name of a favorite, or delete it.


Looks up all contacts. This is the default lookup when you open DonorWise.


Looks up your ministry / organization. This is the first contact created when you created your database.

By Field

General lookup to search on any field in the Contact table.


By Favorite

Same as selecting a favorite from the Favorites list.


Same as "Everyone" lookup, above.

By Field

Basic "By Field" lookup with Contact ID as the default field; same as "By Field" lookup, above.

By Group

Lookup members of a saved group. You can also do this by going to the View Groups items on the Screens Pane, selecting the Saved Group, and then pressing Lookup contacts in this Group.


By Field

Basic "By Field" lookup with Designation ID as the default field.

All Designations

Search for designation numbers.

By Gifts Received

Search for gifts received; narrow down by one (or more) of date, amount, donor ID, or Motivation Code.

By Ministry

Lookup designations specific to a certain ministry.


By Field

Standard "By Field" lookup, with field defaulted to Donor ID.

All Donors

Lookup all contacts who have given a gift. Although there are no options for this lookup ("all donors" is already comprehensive), the Lookup dialog box still appears to allow you to choose how this relates to the current group (replace, add to, take from, etc.).

By Donations Given

Similar to Designations by Gifts, this looks up Donors by selected criteria about their giving.


By Ministry

Lookup all directors within a ministry.



Write custom lookups using complex query criteria. Writing these requires a knowledge of query syntax, and may need to be re-written if future system upgrades change tables or other information.

The best way to learn how to create a custom lookup is to use a Lookup Favorite, and then edit it. From that screen you can see the exact criteria as DonorWise wrote it.

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