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Importing Batches from a Bank File

1.Open the bank file in Excel first to ensure that the information will load correctly. In this example, the bank information consists of just three fields: A date, a description, and a monetary amount.
2.Save the file as a .csv file (this is the only format which DonorWise can upload).
3.In DonorWise, select New Batches from the Screens list.
4.Press the Import Batch button.
5.On the Information for New Batch dialog box, select the month to post this batch. You should write a Description to describe this batch. Press Next.
6.Fill out the information for the Import donations from a file section, then click Next.

Import Profile

Saves information about this type of file to make future imports easier.

Default Currency

The currency used in the file.

Default payment

Bank Account Transfer

File name

Browse for the import file.

7.When you click Next, DonorWise will take you to the Import Batch Assignment.

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