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Donation refunds may need to happen for several reasons:

The ministry does not want to receive the gift or honour the designation of the gift.
A designation is closed or inactive for various reasons. (Contact the donor and ask if they would like to designate to another designation.)
The donor requests a refund, and your policy allows it.

If the designation is not known, it is because the donor is not known or cannot be contacted. Therefore the gift cannot be returned to them.

Clear guidelines are necessary for the conditions under which donations may be refunded.
When a donor's original designation cannot be honoured, the donor should be consulted about redirecting those gifts to another designation or refunding the donation.
Your country may have laws that govern how gifts may be returned.

How to create a refund:

1.Create a reversal in DonorWise.
2.Create a cheque or other payment to the donor, recorded in the General ledger.

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