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Internal Control Guidelines



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Internal Control Guidelines

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The following internal controls should be in place in the area of receiving donations:

1.Receipts are pre-numbered. In the case of DonorWise, this requirement means that:

the initial (provisional) receipts are pre-numbered.

the computer generated receipts are numbered automatically and numbers cannot be reused or changed.

2.Cash and cheques received are receipted promptly and consistently. In DonorWise, this means that an initial receipt (for cash or cheques) or an initial record (for cheques) is prepared immediately.

3.All receipt numbers used are accounted for.

4.All original and voided receipt copies are retained.

5.Cash and cheques are deposited intact into the bank.

6.Duties are adequately segregated.

Cash is received and deposits prepared by different people

The deposit is prepared and the donations entered into DonorWise by different people

The entry into the General ledger (if not electronic) and the reconciliation of the clearing account are completed by different people.

7.Cheques received are made out to the ministry.

8.Donors give their donations to the ministry (office), rather than individual staff.

9.Procedures are established to make deposits as often as is necessary, considering the amount of money, security and timeliness factors involved.

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