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Donation History



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Donation History

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When searching for a particular donation, there may be certain things that are known about the donation. A person may say they are looking for a donation in the last six months and the amount was 1000.00. The donation history screen provides a means to find donations based on almost any attribute of the donation. Notice in this picture that there are three amount columns that contain values equalling 1000.00.

Using the known information, enter a date range and the amount (1000.00 in the above illustration).

Right-clicking on the column header offers the sort-context menu.

Right-clicking on a data value inside a column displays the filter-context menu.

Filtering is cumulative, and multiple columns may be filtered. For example, if you filter by a certain date, and then by a certain amount, you will only see donations that equal BOTH the selected amount AND the selected date.

Filter By Selection

Filter for the value that was right-clicked on

Filter Excluding Selection

Exclude all records with that value

Filter By Value

Enter a specific value

Remove Filter/Sort

Remove all filtering and sorting and see the table as it was originally.

Use the Export to Excel button to make a quick donation report using any of the filtering options!

Limit the number of fields that will export to Excel.



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