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Importing Transaction Data



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Importing transaction data to into a new batch from a CSV file

As an alternative to manually entering batches or pasting data from Excel, transaction data can be imported from other batches or from a CSV (comma separated values) file.

Reasons why you might need to import transaction data from a CSV file:

to import transaction data sent from a remote location

Importing comma-separated text into batches

2.Enter a meaningful description, select the period and the transaction date.
3.Click Next.

4.If you wish to import transaction data from a previously entered batch, select the radio button for such, and then select the desired batch from the drop-down list.

To import from a CSV file, select the radio button for that option, and then browse to the desired file. Select the default currency and payment type as appropriate.

5.Click Next to continue.

6.Verify the batch details. Click OK if you are satisfied that everything is correct.

7.The batch entry screen will appear, pre-loaded with the imported transaction data. Confirm that everything is correct and proceed as with any other new batch.

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