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Run ("Complete") Receipts



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Run ("Complete") Receipts

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DonorWise requires receipts to be completed for all donations; they can either be printed or emailed. This is part of the security features of DonorWise; once a donation is receipted, a Receipt ID is permanently associated with the donation.

Note to users who do not speak English as their first language. In English, the word "receipt" can be both a noun and a verb. As a noun, the word "Receipt" means the printable acknowledgment of the gift, like this: "I have printed this receipt for you as an acknowledgment of your gift." As a verb it means to "Complete" or "Run" the receipts, like this: "I will receipt every donation at the end of each month or year." For the sake of consistency, in our documentation we try to use it only as a noun—the actual receipt document itself. For the action (verb), we will use "run" or "complete" the receipt.

About receipts:

1.On the receipt, your ministry's address, phone, and email are controlled by the information in the "Me" contact.

Menu Path: Lookup | Me

2.The receipt options are controlled in System Setup.

3.You can upload a logo to appear on your receipt.

4.You can add or edit the text on your receipt. This is a great way to deliver fresh ministry information to your donors on a regular basis, without sending additional emails.

Menu Path: Tools | System Setup | Receipting

Run ("Complete") Donations

1.Select the <Unreceipted Donations> link.

2.Select the donations to be receipted. This may be all unprinted receipts, or just one payment type.


Updates the list of donations which need a receipt, after you change any of the options.

Select All

Selects all of the listed items.

Invert Selection

Reverses all the checked and unchecked items.

Print Receipts

Begins the receipt printing process, for printing.

Email Receipts

Begins the receipt printing process, but sends the output via email instead of the printer.

Reprint Receipts

Prints duplicate receipts for the selected items.

Payment Type

You can choose to create a receipt only for those donations from a certain payment type. For example, many ministries choose to run a receipt for cash or cheque contributions monthly, but bank transfer contributions annually.

Consolidate multiple donations into one receipt (per donor/currency)

When a donor has multiple unreceipted donations, DonorWise can list all donations on one receipt instead of printing a separate receipt for each item.

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Reprinting Receipts

Email Receipts Setup

Donations Tab

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