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In addition to the keyboard shortcuts, it is important to understand how the various fields relate to one another.

When a value is entered into a field, that value may affect the values that subsequent fields will be display. This is an automatic filter.

Example: If a Donor ID is entered before the designation, the initial designation list will show only the designations that the donor has given to in the past. This speeds data entry since it is probable that the donor is giving to same designations. If not, then you can easily search for a different designation.

Note: Though certain fields are related to one another, the F3 and F5 are still available to search the entire list. In some rare cases (as indicated by * in the table below) it may be necessary to delete the value entered in one field to see all the values in another.

The following relationships exist in DonorWise. Use the ALT+DOWN ARROW key to see the initial filtered list.

RC / Designation

When a Responsibility Centre is entered, only the designation related to it will initially appear in the designation lookup


When a Responsibility Centre is entered, only Chart of Account numbers that can be used with it will be displayed in the COA lookup

Donor / Designation

When a Donor ID is entered, the designations that this donor has given to previously will appear in the initial designation lookup list

Designation / Donor

When a Designation is entered (and the Donor ID is still blank), donors that have given to that designation will be displayed in the Donor lookup


When a Chart of Accounts number is entered, only Responsibility Centres that use that COA will be displayed in the RC lookup

Payment Type / Currency*

When a payment type is entered, only the currencies that use that payment type in the batch header will be displayed.

Currency / Payment Type*

When a currency is entered, only payment types (from the header) that use that currency are displayed.

* It may be necessary to delete the value entered in one field to see all the values in another.

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