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Batch entry — keyboard shortcuts

For speed in donation entry, the donation entry screen is designed to be used with the keyboard. Using the mouse is not required. There are special keys that can be used to activate all features of the screen


To move between fields or to a new donation if all of the values are entered.

ALT + Down Arrow

This will activate the drop-down edit list of any drop-down box.


Activates the “Search” dialogue box from the Donor ID, Donor Name, Designation ID, and Designation Name fields.


Activates the “New Contact” dialogue box from the Donor ID and Donor Name fields.


Displays a list of only those contacts that are designations (for the Designation ID and Designation Name fields)

[value] + Enter

Begin typing a value then press the Enter key. The search dialogue box will open with the value nearest to the one entered. Continue to type more characters to move closer to the desired value. Select the value from the list by pressing enter once the value is highlighted on the screen.


To move to a new donation once all of the values are entered for the current donation.

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