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New installation on a server

Click Cancel. An empty DonorWise screen will appear. Click File | New to create or restore a database.

New installation on client

Select your Server and Database and enter login name and password. These should have been set up on the Server already.

Upgrade on server or client

Your last login information will appear. Click OK.

Running DonorWise for the first time

This section applies to the first time DonorWise is run on your local network. If you have already configured a DonorWise database on your network, you may log onto your database without performing any “first time” procedures. Before you can log onto DonorWise, ether SQL Server or MSDE must be running either on the network or on the local computer.

Every time you start DonorWise, you will be greeted by the logon screen (shown above). Since no DonorWise database has been created yet, click on Cancel.

Create a new DonorWise database

After cancelling out of the login screen, DonorWise will open in a blank screen. Select File | New Database.

If SQL Server is installed on the same computer as DonorWise, select “(local)” from the Server drop-down list. Otherwise, type the name of the SQL Server to which you wish to connect. Alternatively, push F5 on you keyboard if you want DonorWise to search for SQL Servers on your network.

Under Login Name, enter “sa” or any other SQL Server login that has administrative privileges.

Finally, enter the appropriate Password and then click on Next.

Create Username

If no DonorWise users have been created on the SQL Server, DonorWise will automatically take you to a screen where you will create a user for yourself.

Enter a Username for yourself. This must be one word with no spaces. Consider using the same name that you use when logging onto Windows or your network. The username is not case-sensitive, meaning “A” and “a” are considered to be the same.

Then enter a Password, and confirm it by entering it a second time. By default, the password must be at least four characters long and cannot match the username. Depending on the SQL Server installation, the password may or may not be case-sensitive. To be safe, assume the password is case sensitive.

When you have entered your new user details, click on Next >>.

Do not forget what you enter on this screen!

Database Name

Enter a descriptive one-word name for your new database. Click OK to continue.

Identify Your Organization

Enter the requested details for your organization. This information will become the “Me” contact record in your new database. For this record, all three option boxes should be checked. Click OK when you are finished. DonorWise will then create the new database.

Once the database is created, the DonorWise “Setup Tasks” screen will appear. See the Setup

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