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Adding a Ministry to the Ministry Tree



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Adding a Ministry to the Ministry Tree

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Adding a Ministry to the Ministry Tree

1.Right-click on the ministry (folder) under which this new ministry will report to, and select <Create Ministry>. Or, select the folder and press the <Insert> key on your keyboard.

2.Enter the appropriate information for the new ministry.


The "short name" as it appears on the tree.

The code must be unique; no other ministry folder can have the same code.

DonorWise always provides a default code.

The code does not have to be in all capital letters or without spaces even though the default code appears that way.


Additional information if desired.

This description does not need to be unique.

Parent Ministry

Automatically selected based on where you inserted this new ministry.

This would change automatically if you moved this ministry to a different location using drag-and-drop. In this box, the Code appears on the left of the line, and the Description on the right (they are the same in the above example).


Who is responsible for this ministry.

You can search for a director using the Contact search box.

A person can be a director of multiple ministry locations.

Editing a ministry

You can edit any part of the ministry information by right-clicking on the ministry folder.

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