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Benefits of Using DonorWise



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It is our pleasure to provide this software free of charge to help you in your ministry.  We're so thankful for our partners who make this possible!

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DonorWise is designed to enhance the overall experience and effectiveness of the key constituents of your ministry: donors, ministry leadership and staff. These constituents will experience direct, long-term benefits from the use of DonorWise.

Benefits of using DonorWise

Enhanced communication with donors

Better contact information for existing donors (address and phone numbers)
Maintain contact information for non-donors (students, churches, potential donors)

Ministry credibility: Integrity with donors

Faster processing
Improved receipting
Faster customer service response

Informed leadership and staff

Improved reporting on all aspects of donations
Better contact information
Faster response time for staff members

Accuracy of information

Strong, built-in controls strengthen integrity of system

Protection of ministry assets

Built-in controls are designed to reduce likelihood of mishandled funds

Growth in local donations – growth in ministry

Prompt and accurate receipting and reporting leads to a greater trust in the ministry
Better reporting improves ministrys ability to raise funds effectively
Increased local funding strengthens healthy foundation for the ministry.

What DonorWise can do for you

Record donations

Versatile tools for processing donations quickly and accurately
Processes all income, not just donations

Record information on donors and other contacts

All donations are recorded and easily viewable
Future donors, staff members, and ministries are all maintained in same database, reducing duplication of contacts
Contact list can be used to generate mailing lists based on any criteria in the system

Generate receipts

Generate receipts for donations or other funds received
The receipt format can be customized for language and currency issues

Generate various donation reports

Existing, comprehensive reports by donor, designation, ministry, etc.
Reports can be customized or created

Connect with the General ledger system

Seamless integration with Dynamics SL General ledger
Hands-free interface ensures accurate data transfer

Calculate assessments

Custom assessment schemes for each designation type
Assessments automatically calculated when donation is processed

Integration with TntMPD

Staff members can access donation data via TntMPD

Why DonorWise will work for your ministry

Integrates with software you probably already have

Built-in integration with Dynamics SL eliminates duplicate keying and ensures integrity of system
Can be used in a non-integrated mode for ministries that do not use Dynamics SL
Seamless integration with TntMPD
Reporting uses Crystal Reports; viewer is included with DonorWise
May use a database you already have, or a free database (included). The database engine can be either MS SQL Server, which might already be in use in your office; or the freely distributed MS SQL Server Express.

Fully translatable into any language

Translation tool included with DonorWise
All entry fields and screens can be translated
Reports can be translated
Translation work in TntMPD can also be used for DonorWise

Addresses and names can be formatted correctly for every country

Formatting names and addresses is done automatically depending on contacts country
Formatting can be customized for local needs


Multiple users can be entering data, viewing information or running reports at the same time

Limited and flexible access

Security controls allow financial managers to control users ability to enter and/or view data
Most activity is recorded in an audit log

Easy data entry of donations

Easy data entry
Automatic helps for finding donors and designations at the moment of data entry

Easy searches of donors

Easy searching of contacts, even when contact information may be spelled incorrectly, reduces likelihood of duplicate contacts

Easy searches of donations

Easy searches for donations given
Searches can be done by date, period, amount, donor name or designation

Easy correction of errors

Error correction does not compromise data security or integrity
Error correction access is approved at user level
Audit trail records error correction

Dealing with unclear items

Unclear items do not inhibit creation of donation batches
System allows user to bypass unclear items, but also forces resolution of these items at a later date

Required receipting

DonorWise forces receipt printing to ensure financial integrity
Printing interval is defined by ministry need

Flexible receipt format

Delivered receipt provides comprehensive donation information

Data security and audit trail

A variety of data integrity features are included
Users have specific roles that can be narrowly defined to protect the integrity of your financial system.
Activity is logged by user login
Interface with General ledger prevents data manipulation in one system by forcing reconciliation with General ledger.

Automatic calculation of assessments

Assessment schemes calculate assessments for each gift received
Direct link to Dynamics SL ensures appropriate financial flow

Powerful reporting with groups

Wide variety of data (contact information, donation history, etc.) offers powerful reporting


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