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How can I outsource printing and mailing Year End Statements?: Revision #1

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First published by:
Troy Wolbrink
on 19 Jan 2018
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Troy Wolbrink
on 24 Jan 2018
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How can I outsource printing and mailing Year End Statements? can take the burden of printing and mailing Year End Statements off your plate.  They specialize in printing and mailing newsletters for missionaries, but their experience applies equally well for organizational mailings.

You can contact them to get started with the process of setting up how your Year End Statements will appear.  From DonorWise, all you need to do is run a query and export it to Excel.  Securely upload that Excel file to, and they can take it from there.

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How to Export Donations For The Year to Excel

In DonorWise, under the "Tools" menu, click on "Run Reports".  If you don't see "Run Reports" make sure you're a member of the "Report Writer" role, and also make sure you're on a recent version.

Run this query (when prompted for "Parm1", enter the year you're reporting on):

  GiftView.DonorID, GiftView.DonorName, ContactView.MainEmail AS DonorEmail,
  ContactView.Greeting AS DonorGreeting,
  ContactView.MainAddressBlock AS DonorAddress,
  GiftView.ReceivedDate, GiftView.GiftAmount, GiftView.PaymentTypeCode,
  DesigView.DesigID, DesigView.ShortName AS DesigName, GiftView.DonationMemo

  GiftDonationActualView AS GiftView
  INNER JOIN DesigView ON GiftView.DesigID = DesigView.DesigID
  INNER JOIN ContactView ON GiftView.DonorID = ContactView.ContactID

          (YEAR(GiftView.ReceivedDate) = ?)
  AND (GiftView.DesigID <> 3)
  AND (GiftView.PaymentTypeCode <> N'FLOW-THRU')
  AND (GiftView.PaymentTypeCode <> N'TRANSFER')

ORDER BY GiftView.DonorID, GiftView.DesigID, GiftView.ReceivedDate

Then click "Export" to save a CSV/Excel file.

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