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Consejos prácticos sobre combinar correspondencia



Consejos prácticos sobre combinar correspondencia

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Note from the Developer (Troy Wolbrink): Let me share how I use merge favorites, and why I love this feature. As you may know, Merge Favorites show up in my drop down list and refer to saved Word documents. (These documents are already set up to merge with TntMPD.) I have a Merge Favorite called “#10 Envelopes”.

Whenever I want to create an envelope for someone, I just select “#10 Envelopes” from the drop down list, then in Word I just hit Print. A single envelope prints out to this person. If I want to print envelopes for the Current Group, I click on “Merge to Printer” in Word. So the merge favorites can be used to very quickly print a word document for either just the current contact, or for each contact in the Current Group.

Some other favorites I have are “Reminder Letter”, “Precall Letter”, and “Meeting Directions”. (The “Meeting Directions” has the contact’s name/address/phone, notes, and many other fields. I print this before going on an appointment to have a hard copy of all the contact data for the appointment I’m going on.) This feature allows me to very quickly match a contact or group to a commonly used Word document.

Remember that for envelopes (and all addresses), TntMPD will ignore the recipient’s Country if it is the same as the country you are mailing from. This is defined in the Options.

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