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TntMPD 3.0 New Features



TntMPD 3.0 New Features

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TntMPD 3.0 has more than 150 new features and enhancements. Many of them are subtle or are behind the scenes. Many are simple enhancements or improvements to existing features. In most cases, any database changes affected by the upgrade are completed automatically during the upgrade process.

However, five of these features cannot be implemented automatically because every user handled their information differently. To take advantage of these features, you will need to make some manual adjustments.

These five features are:

Database upgrade

When you download and install TntMPD 3.0, you will walk through an upgrade process. Your database will be upgraded. This is a one-way process. Once your database is upgraded, you will not be able to open the database in an earlier version.

Your action: Walk through the upgrade process

New Password

In TntMPD 2.1, a password was only implemented to keep casual prying eyes out; it was never designed to secure your database. In 3.0, TntMPD introduces a secure password system. This reflects that many people are now storing their database in cloud storage systems (such as Dropbox) and that most databases are now used on laptops.

Your action: Create a password for your database and three security questions to recover the password.

Spouse Contact Data

TntMPD 3.0 has enhanced contact features that offers spouse-specific phone numbers and email addresses (among other things). During the upgrade, all phone numbers and email addresses stayed with the husband half of the contact. You will need to move any of the wife’s contact information to her contact.

Your action: Find all contacts with spouse's whose phone numbers, email addresses, and business name/address need to be manually moved to the new spouse fields.

Organization Contact Person

In previous releases of TntMPD, the company name (for individuals) and contact person (for organizations) were obscured in other fields. In TntMPD 3.0, these are found on the Address tab, with unique, exportable fields.

Your action: Find any organization contacts with c/o: or Attn: names, and move those names into the new "Organization Contact Person" field.

Newsletter Types

Previous versions of TntMPD offered a simple "Send Newsletter" checkbox, which historically meant a "paper" newsletter. Users with e-newsletters typically used Saved Groups (or one of the custom user fields) to track those contacts. In 3.0, the newsletter types are expanded.

Your action: Move any e-newsletter recipients from the Saved Group or custom user field into the expanded "Send Newsletter" field on the MPD Tab.

Install Dropbox

Dropbox is a convenient and useful cloud storage site. Dropbox is a great solution for TntMPD because Dropbox allows multiple users to access the same database. If you do not have your database in Dropbox (or even have a Dropbox account), TntMPD 3.0 will help you create and migrate your database to Dropbox. If you already have your database in Dropbox, you will be pleased to hear that 3.0 offers a tremendous improvement in resolving conflicted copies.

Your action: If you do not have your database in Dropbox, press the Dropbox button in TntMPD and you can walk through the process of moving your database to Dropbox.

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