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Auto-cambio de la fase



Auto-cambio de la fase

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When you complete a task on a contact whose MPD phase is above the Decision Line, TntMPD will automatically ask if you want to change the MPD Phase. The suggested new phase varies depending on what their current Phase is.

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Recuerda, siempre se puede cambiar la Fase manualmente en cualquier momento en la pestaña Desarrollo.

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Does not change the MPD Phase.

Does not change the MPD Phase.

Change the Contact's MPD Phase to the selected MPD Phase.

Nota: Aunque deseas cambiar automáticamente la fase a "Compromiso-Financiero", TntMPD no te lo permite hacer automáticamente porque TntMPD requiere que introduzcas manualmente una cantidad y frecuencia de compromiso antes de cambiar la fase.

Does not change the MPD Phase.


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