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Manage Users, Logins & Passwords



Manage Users, Logins & Passwords

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TntMPD offers multiple login names and some password security because TntMPD can be used in a multi-user way, either over a network (full multi-user) or via cloud storage such as Dropbox (partial multi-user).

Creating your first user

Enter your name

You can require a password. However, if you are the only user of your database, you may want to skip the password (since your computer should already be password protected).

About users and passwords

While you can have different users, these are for access purposes only. TntMPD does not track any activity (such as logged history) by which user performed the task.

TntMPD does not record which user logged in, or when.

Passwords are not required.

TntMPD passwords are designed primarily to prevent roving eyes, not to padlock your database. TntMPD passwords are not a substitute for effective security measures on your computer.

You can set TntMPD to remember you on a specific computer, to avoid logging in every time.

Manage Users

Press the <Manage Users> button to manage the users of your database.

The <Properties> button brings up the same box that appeared when the database was first created, where you can control User Name and Password.

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