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Guía de referencia: Usar grupos



Guía de referencia: Usar grupos

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Grupos guardados

Saved Groups are sets of contacts you have grouped together that you want to stay together. Members of these groups do not change except by you choosing to add or remove them. The value of a Saved Group is that it keeps a set of contacts together even if some of their attributes change.

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Características de grupos guardados

Los contactos individuales pueden ser miembros de grupos múltiples o nada en absoluto.

Puedes comparar un grupo con otro grupo para ver quiénes son / no son asociados de cualquiera de ellos.

Puedes consultar acerca de todos los miembros del grupo para asignar tareas o un historial a todos los miembros.

Saved Groups can be categorized.

Groups can be more customized than a lookup. Since a Saved Group is just a list, contacts can be manually added or removed from it.

Makes this Saved Group into the Current Group, and shows you the Contact View.

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Grupos guardados sirven como campos de usuario

Saved Groups serve much like User-defined fields, but they are more flexible because you can have an unlimited number of Saved Groups.

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Difference between Current Group and Saved Groups

Current Group

Grupos guardados

Only one Current Group at a time.

Cantidad ilimitada de grupos guardados.

Current group is always current, whether you are in the Contact View, or some other view.

Sólo es relevante cuando estás en la Vista Grupos.

Can become a Saved Group by creating a new (empty) Saved Group, then adding all of the members of the Current Group.

Haz clic en el <Ver este grupo> botón.

This makes the Saved Group into the Current Group.

Eliminar permanentemente (todos en el grupo actual) quita a los contactos de la base de datos para siempre.

Eliminar un grupo guardado simplemente quita el grupo guardado de la lista de grupos, pero no tiene impacto alguno en los contactos.

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